Commercial Lease

Commercial Lease regards a rental agreement for a business-related purpose between a landlord or tenant, a space is rented out for a period of time in which the tenant is allowed to engage in trading goods/services. The contract between the two or more parties is outlined through a number of clauses and stipulations that must be met for the contract to be binding. These types of documents can be rather scary, and a Solicitor should always be consulted before a contract is signed as there is always the risk of the criteria being more in favour of one party.

The main things that are considered in a commercial lease are rent, frequency, and mode of payment, the length of the lease, preparing for any incurred costs for damage, renovations, etc. This makes having a Solicitor or other form of legal representation more imperative as it is easy to create gaps that may cause disputes sometime in the future.

Our firm offers an experienced service where we will put your needs first, we can be beside you every step of the way of your commercial lease being drafted, adjusted, and eventually signed. We are also fully prepared to help you in any future contention:

  • Drafting a commercial lease
  • Adjusting an incomplete or existing lease
  • Buying or selling an existing business
  • Licenses for adjustments
  • Break clauses
    • Causes of a severing of the agreement
  • Rent deposits
    • Initial payment to secure the contract, security deposits
  • License to occupy
  • Heads of terms

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